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OnlineKookshop.be , your expert in all kinds of cooking materials. We offer you an extensive range of cooking materials, kitchen and tableware, ranging from pans, pots, crockery, kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories. Our products are of exceptional quality and at a fair, affordable price.

OnlineKookshop.be, your expert in all kinds of cooking materials

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    Haute Cuisine is your right hand in the kitchen. Your faithful helper for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For yourself, for friends and for family, on every occasion. The Belgian brand Haute Cuisine develops pans, pots, crockery, kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories for everyone who likes to cook. Whether it is for everyday food, creative dishes or cooking at a professional level: our collection is for every chef. We always follow trends closely and regularly expand our range with new products. To guide you through our extensive range, you will find a label with stars on all our packaging. This way every amateur, hobby or professional chef can quickly find what he is looking for. All our products have one thing in common: their great quality. After all, they are the chef's choice.


We have a wide range of cooking pots and pans. To help you find your way around our range, we assign our products a handy classification with stars. This way you quickly know which material suits you best. The difference between the categories is mainly in the thickness and weight of the material.

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