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What is Tri-ply?

Tri Ply pans are ideal for the professional chef or cooking enthusiast who wants to cook at a high level. A feature of triply pans is that they are made of three metal layers, which ensures optimal heat conduction.

Optimal Conduction, Maximum Energy Savings

Tri-Ply pans are known for their good conductivity and energy-efficient operation.


With the average pan, only the bottom heats up properly. However, this is different with a Tri-Ply pan. Thanks to the special three-layer structure, both the sides and the bottom of Tri-Ply pans are heated through and through.

Energy saving

Thanks to this fast conduction, the pan also heats up much faster than average. The Tri-Ply pans therefore shorten the cooking time by approximately 30%, which also saves more than 30% in energy. Good for the environment, but also for your energy bill!

Ultimate Cooking Pleasure

Because the Tri-Ply technology shortens the cooking time, it becomes easier to quickly put a tasty meal on the table. Due to the rapid and, above all, even heating of the pan, the food is much less likely to burn.

The meal also cooks much more evenly, due to the heating on both the bottom and the sides. This means you have to stir less and you are freer to work on other dishes in between.

Josine van Aertsen:
“As an advanced amateur chef, I have been cooking on induction with Tri-Ply pans for a few years now, and it is very enjoyable. The Tri-Ply pans heat up very quickly and so do the sides of the pans! This means I hardly have to stir at all and I get incredibly good cooking results.”

The Tri-Ply pans are also very durable, meaning they will last for years. In other words, you can experience the ultimate cooking pleasure with TriPly for years to come!

The 11 Major Benefits of Tri-Ply Pans

For your convenience, we have listed all the qualities of these pans.

  1. Special Tri-Ply technology through a three-layer structure.
  2. Made of high-quality 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum intermediate layer.
  3. Unique and even heat distribution. This reduces cooking time, saves energy and ensures that the food sticks less quickly.
  4. Dishwasher safe.
  5. Durable pans that remain beautiful for decades.
  6. Developed for professional chefs.
  7. Ergonomic and insulated handles and grips.
  8. Virtually vibration-free during cooking.
  9. Rounded inner corners that simplify cooking.
  10. Scale indication on the inside.
  11. 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects under normal use.

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